Tank Accident In Ladakh, 5 Soldiers Including a JCO Killed

Tank Accident In Ladakh

Accident in Ladakh: T-72 tank stuck in river, 5 soldiers tragically died, Tank Accident in Ladakh.

Accident in Ladakh, An Army T-72 tank met with an accident in Daulat Beg Oldi area of ​​Ladakh, resulting in the death of five soldiers, including a Junior Commissioned Officer (JCO). The names of the soldiers involved in the accident include RIS MR K Reddy, DFR Bhupendra Negi, LD Akdum Tayyabam, Havildar A Khan (6255 FD Workshop), and CFN Nagaraj P (LRW).

When the tank was attempting to cross the river at one in the morning, the water level unexpectedly rose. The bodies of all five have been recovered after the accident. The place of the accident is near Mandir Mor, 148 km from Chushul.

Army Vehicle Accident In Ladakh

Tank Accident in Ladakh, The tank usually has a commander, gunner, and driver, but during this exercise there were five soldiers on board. The T-72 tank has the ability to cross rivers up to 5 meters deep, for which it uses a small diameter snorkel.

This tragedy has left the Army facing a major shortage of expert and experienced soldiers, which will take time to investigate and ensure safety. Authorities are currently investigating the incident and trying to find out the actual cause.



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