Dating App Scams on the Rise: Delhi Man Robbed of Rs. 1.21 Lakh After Cafe Meet

Dating App Scam Delhi

Dating App Scam Delhi: Scams running through dating apps are increasing day by day, in which it has become very easy to loot lakhs of rupees by cheating people. A similar incident happened in a cafe in Delhi, where a young man who was preparing for civil services got trapped after trusting a girl he met on Tinder. The girl had come to the cafe to celebrate her birthday, where both of them ordered non-alcoholic drinks and cake.

Dating App Scam Delhi

The young man felt that the girl’s life was in danger and he wanted to pay the bill. But when the bill arrived, it had a total bill of Rs 1.21 lakh for four cakes and four shots, which was much more than she expected. Even when he thought that the amount of the bill would be three-four thousand rupees, the people there cheated him.

The young man immediately went to the counter and started a fight, but the cafe staff threatened to kill him and demanded money online. After that, he reported something to the police. The police started their investigation after the accused was taken into custody. An investigation revealed that the adolescent had made up her identity and other details in addition to planning a robbery scheme.

Dating App, This event has shown that criminal gangs are using dating apps to target wealthy people and demand money. People using dating apps are prompted to verify their identification and are advised to proceed with caution before meeting up.


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