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Anjali Arora has questioned Armaan Malik‘s praise for Vishal Pandey in Bigg Boss OTT Season 3. She slammed Armaan Malik for slapping Vishal Pandey, while Gauhar Khan questioned it, saying, “Should married people also…”

There has been a big uproar in Bigg Boss OTT Season 3 recently. On Saturday, in Weekend Ka Vaar, Payal Malik made a comment about Vishal Pandey, in which he talked about Krutika Malik. After this, Armaan Malik reacted of his own free will and licked Vishal Pandey. Now Anjali Arora has expressed her anger on Armaan.

Bigg Boss OTT Season 3

Controversial incidents are continuously happening in Bigg Boss OTT Season 3. Vishal Pandey had made a comment about Armaan Malik’s second wife, Kritika Malik, after which Payal Malik scolded him a lot on July 5’s Weekend Ka Vaar and Anil Kapoor also specifically threatened him.
In one episode,

Vishal Pandey told Luv Kataria that sister-in-law (Kritika) is beautiful. Payal scolded him in front of everyone for this statement and this spoiled the atmosphere in the house. After a dispute with Armaan Malik on this matter, this dispute created a big discussion among the influencers, in which a YouTuber even slapped him hard.

Anjali Arora gets angry at Armaan Malik

Many fans are supporting Armaan Malik on this incident of slapping Vishal Pandey, while some people are criticizing it. Many TV celebs have also come in support of Vishal. Meanwhile, Anjali Arora has strongly criticized Armaan Malik while supporting Vishal. Anjali, known in Lockup Season 1, has targeted Armaan by posting a post on Instagram Story.
Anjali Arora vented her anger on Armaan Malik and wrote, “Look at the extent of hypocrisy. The man who cheated on his wife is giving a wrong message in the society that polygamy is okay, ‘it happens.’ If this is all, then go and settle abroad. Is it right to have this thing in our culture? What has Vishal Pandey said wrong?

Anjali Arora supported Vishal Pandey’s statement and said, “Sister-in-law looks good. What is wrong in that? Neither made any nasty comments nor was rude. Like you, Armaan wooed her in 7 days and proposed her for marriage. We will never support violence. If you do it, someone else expresses his feelings and gets slapped, why? You were wrong earlier also, Armaan, and you are wrong now too.”

Gauhar Khan supported Vishal Pandey

Gauhar Khan has supported Vishal Pandey through Instagram story. He said, “So is it a crime to call married people beautiful? Whatever.” This comes in the context of the campaign against violence in the Bigg Boss house. Many celebrities like Sunny Arya have been evicted after fighting in this show. Now it remains to be seen whether Armaan Malik is also eliminated or not.


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