Viral Video

Viral Video, it’s a strange story In Hanskhali village of Nadia district.

The date palm Tree has 7 heads, It looks like a snake with 7 heads. it’s a strange story In Hanskhali village of Nodia district, West Bangal. No wonder, one such video has gone viral from Hanskhali village in Nodia district. There is a palm tree, seven heads of that tree.

Why this video viral

viral video, A strange incident happened in Hanskhali village of Nodia district. We all know about palm trees, But if that tree has seven heads. A strange incident happened near the Hanskhali Farmers Market. It is known that for some reason the head of the tree broke, then these seven heads started growing one by one. Not very tall, this medium-sized palm tree has seven heads.

You can see the tree in this viral video

viral video,This tree looks like a snake with seven heads. This video is available on an Instagram profile named chakraborty.deb.

viral video, The video is going very viral. Local villagers consider this tree as God. If the head of a coconut or palm tree is broken, the tree dies, but how it survives is truly a wonder. That is why the village people believe that God resides in this tree.


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