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Captain Anshuman Singh’s Wife Shares Heartbreaking Story at Gallantry Award Ceremony

Captain Anshuman Singh's Wife

Captain Anshuman Singh‘s Wife, Showing her grief and courage, Smriti wore a white saree and received the Kirti Chakra from President Droupadi Murmu.

Captain Anshuman Singh Kirti Chakra Awarded

In an emotional ceremony, Captain Anshuman Singh was awarded the Kirti Chakra, India’s second highest peacetime gallantry award, on Friday. The honor was presented by President Droupadi Murmu and accepted by his wife, Smriti Singh. “I will die with copper on my chest. I will not die an ordinary death,” said a heartbroken but proud Smriti, remembering her husband’s Captain Anshuman Singh words.

On this solemn occasion, Smriti stood with her mother-in-law Manju Singh. The marks of grief were evident on his face, a painful reminder of the personal loss suffered by the families of our nation’s heroes. Still, her presence radiated strength and pride as she stood tall to honor her husband’s legacy.

Smriti shared heartfelt memories of her time with Captain Anshuman Singh in a touching video posted last Saturday on ‘X’ (formerly Twitter) by a Ministry of Defence spokesperson. She spoke warmly about their strong bond and how they became soulmates. Her words were filled with love and gratitude, beautifully describing a dedicated officer and loving husband whose memory will always be cherished by those who knew him.

The event not only honored Captain Anshuman Singh’s bravery but also showcased the extraordinary courage of his family. The video touched the hearts of people nationwide, who showed their appreciation for the Indian Army on social media.

This touching ceremony recognized the selfless dedication of servicemen like Captain Anshuman Singh and their families. It served as a reminder of the lasting impact such individuals have on our country’s defense and the legacy they leave behind.



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