The case of Mehar Shah's arrest has recently

The case of Mehar Shah’s arrest has recently come into limelight. Behind this, there is also an incident of a hit and run car passing by a vehicle, in which woman Kaveri Nakhwa was killed. The police succeeded in arresting him after 5 pm. He has been arrested from Shahpur.

Inside story of arrest

Talking about Mehar Shah’s house, the police suspect that his female friend had hidden him in the house in Goregaon. Before he absconded, he left his car in Bandra and left the driver behind in Kala Nagar. The statement of his female friend has also been recorded in this incident.

Police investigation

Police have so far interrogated 20 people in this case. He has also taken details of Mehar’s two sisters, mother and his friend Avdit.

Mehar Shah Family story

In this accident, the victim’s family sought justice from the court without hiding their pain and tears. He has raised his voice to provide justice to the society.

Political Influence

After the arrest of Mehar Shah, there has been an uproar in politics also. Various political parties raised the issue, and the issue has become important in the eyes of the publ


It is clear from this story that it is our responsibility to know in depth the types of incidents that happen in human life. The case of Mehar Shah’s arrest makes it clear that sometimes how important is the role of human emotions and family.

It is the responsibility of all of us to understand this incident from social and moral point of view and learn from it.


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